Sunday, June 7, 2009

Defending My Hobby

Some people are foodies. Some people do arts and crafts. Over the years I've tried many different hobbies. I've painted ceramics, I took a sewing class with my sister, spent time scrapbooking and I've even tried making jewelry. I enjoyed all of the hobbies I've tried and still do some of them ocassionally. None of the hobbies I've encountered have spoken to me like nail polish. Yes, nail polish. I currently have around 65 bottles (I'm waiting on my latest Zoya haul that will take my total to 71) and I'm never without polished nails. Husband thinks I'm completely insane and have spent way too much money on my collection. BUT! I can justify it...maintaining acryllic nails over the course of a year can cost over $600 a year. And let's not forget the cost of having a broken nail fixed and color changes. I think I've probably spent $150 on polish. No, I don't buy Dollar Store polish either. My favorite brands and China Glaze, Nfu-Oh and Zoya. I order from sites like Transdesign and 8ty8beauty (this is the only site I've found to offer Nfu-Oh). So, I'm getting awesome quality polish at incredible prices. No, I'm not trying to sell anyone on anthing, I'm just saying that not every person is a crafter or a foodie. I'm a nail polish junkie...and just for nails are 'real', no acryllic on these babies. Excuse the picture quality...but this is Zoya reminds me of a green apple but with a golden shimmer...

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