Thursday, October 30, 2008

I just realized...

I was reading a post on one of my favorite blogs, I was giggling to myself because I also have purchases sent to me at work. I do this to keep nosy children (and the occasionally nosy Husband) from opening the box. Then I realized something...I'm the first one to leave in the morning (somewhere around 6am) and the last one to get home in the evening (Husband doesn't count on this one because he works nights and gets home whenever). When did that happen?? When did my life get so turned around that my children are not even up for school before I leave and they're home from school by the time I get home. What a crazy realization...I work an adjusted schedule so I can get to work early enough so I can get home early enough to take the boys to practices and games. Thanks life for smacking squarely between the eyes today.


Can you believe that Halloween is already here? Okay, so it's not here yet...but it will be tomorrow. I'd have to say that this is my least favorite holiday of the year. I love fall, the changing colors of the leaves, trips to the apple orchard, football; the list goes on and on. But I really dislike Halloween. The process of finding costumes for Bear and Princess without breaking the bank is quite an ordeal. And of course there's trick-or-treating. Taking my children out so they can go door to door asking for candy is not my idea of fun. It's time consuming and boring. Then there's the issue of pedophiles and child predators. Yes, the bottom feeders of society. In Maryland, violent and child sex predators were going to be ordered to hand signs on their doors that said, "NO CANDY AT THIS RESIDENCE". I guess some of these people felt that they were singled out or were having their constitutional rights infringed upon. I could rant about this all day long. Would those who are offended rather have a sign that says "CHILD SEX PREDATOR LIVES HERE"? Get over it, you are a convicted sexual predator. Put the damn sign on your door and deal with it. I know as a parent it's my job to protect my children...any assistance with that is greatly appreciated, even it's just a sign on the door that says "NO CANDY AT THIS RESIDENCE". I hate Halloween, I'd rather sever my arm at the elbow with a rusty spoon than take my children trick-or-treating. But since I'm fresh out of rusty spoons I'll put on my happy face and my walking shoes tomorrow and take my children out. Christmas decorations are another reason I can't stand Halloween. This year at the local Wal-Mart the Christmas decorations were out before the Halloween stuff! The Christmas music was piping throughout the store...people please. One holiday at a time. Can I just please drop $50 for Halloween costumes without having to worry about getting that oh-so-cute blue and silver snowman for my Christmas tree? Is that too much to ask? I'm sure the Valentine's Day stuff will be out on Saturday morning...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The results...

Well, I'd have to say that the interview did not go as well as I would have hoped. That's not to say the interview went south as soon and I started speaking. I'm just saying that I wanted it to go better than it did. The person conducting the interview said that I have an impressive resume, which of course, is a good thing. I guess I'll find out soon if I get to come back for a second interview. I'll keep all of you updated.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today is the day

Today is the big day, finally! I am interviewing for a new job this afternoon. I'm a bit anxious, this is only my second interview as an adult. Here's an interesting tidbit...when I have anxiety my skin itches (this is a fairly new development for me). Yep. And we're talking the scratch your skin off with a garden rake variety of itch. So, it's going to be a long day...

Monday, October 6, 2008

If you can get past the slime...

Okay, some nights I fix dinner for the kids and don't take the time to sit down and eat myself. On those nights I like to fix a small snack or just a side dish for myself. Tonight it was quiet possibly the easiest side dish I've made in a long time but it was so tasty I had to share.
Frozen Okra
1 can of diced tomatoes (you could use fresh if you have that kind of time)
All you do is put the tomatoes and okra (I used half a bag) in a pan and heat through. Then I added a dash of salt and cayenne. It is oh, so good...if you can get past the slime. :) Enjoy with a Leinkugle Oktoberfest Lager and call it dinner!
Side note: I bet this would be good over chicken too!!!! YUM!

Quote of the weekend

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sleep deprived, always on the go mother of three. Husband works nights so for the most part it's just me and the offspring. Weekends are typically filled with whatever sport has a game scheduled and running the offspring to various places and activities. This weekend was a bit different in that Bear's football game was at noon rather than 8:00am. What's the big deal, you ask? Not only do I get to sleep in...HUSBAND finally gets to take Bear to a game! YESYESYES! It's the simple things we cherish. :D After sports, Husband wants to go grocery shopping with me, which leads me to believe that I must have wronged him in another life because it is no treat whatsoever to take Husband to the grocery. I'd rather take all three of my children shopping with me than take Husband. Since Teenager was out doing soccer activities, taking Husband would also mean taking Bear and Princess. In my mind I was thinking "Shoot me. Shoot me now, please for the love of God someone shoot me.", I cannot stand grocery shopping with the entire family. MUCH to my surprise, it went well. Husband and I had our own carts so I was able to scurry off leaving him with the offspring. Anyway, we get home and put the groceries away, then Husband decided to traumatize the children by requiring them to clean their room. Seriously? Do we have to do this now? Can't we just close their door? I guess not because soon after telling Bear and Princess to clean their room they started crying and fighting. Lovely. After about thirty minutes of crying and arguing I hear what has to be the funniest thing to ever come out of Princess' mouth. Above Bear's shouting I hear a sobbing shout, "Bear! I'm just a little girl! You should be nice to me! If you would just be nice to me I would stop crying!!!". There is it ladies and gentlemen! The quote of the weekend!! Bear didn't find it nearly as entertaining as I did because his response was a booming "SHUT UP!!". I peaked my head in to see what exactly was going on...they were both perched on Bear's bed (top bunk), feet dangling. Bear had his hands on his cheeks, elbows on his knees and he was seething...Princess was sitting next to Bear but she had one of her hands on her heaving chest (think Scarlet O'Hara) and the other was wiping away tears. It was such a scene, right out of a soap opera. Maybe I should put Princess in acting classes??