Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love CVS

About a year ago I became very sick in fact that I took three sick days. I remember going to the doctor and getting some prescriptions. I dragged my achy, flu ridden body to Wal-Mart to get my prescriptions filled. The woman at the counter told me I would have to wait roughly 20 minutes for the medication. So, I sat on the bench waiting patiently...20 minutes goes by...then 30...finally after almost an hour I ask what the delay was. Now, keep in mind that I was so sick I was literally reduced to tears. The pharmacist told me that they had a bunch of customers come through the drive through so they hadn't gotten to my prescription yet. After waiting an hour and a half I was finally handed my prescription. I vowed never to return there for prescriptions...of course I did though. Bear has 4 meds that he's on daily and I figured that I was at Wal-Mart often enough that it made sense to get his meds from there. But, nothing changed. The lines were long, service was crappy and one time I was actually followed through the store by a pharmacy employee because I didn't pay for Bear's meds at the pharmacy (I had more shopping to do so I thought I'd pay for the meds at the register). I finally got fed up when I went to pick up Bear's meds and the pharmacy tech got snotty with me because I had a vendor coupon ($25 off an Advair inhaler...yeah, I'm not letting that coupon expire!). So, I transfered all the family prescriptions to the nearest CVS, which is around the corner from my apartment. Not only can I get a prescription filled in 5 minutes...but they PAY you to bring them there! I waited until to transfer the prescriptions to CVS until I had a coupon for a free $20 gift card when you transferred a prescription. And can I tell's been heaven ever since. CVS will give you $1 (extra care bucks) for every two prescriptions you get filled if you use their "Extra Care Card". With 9 prescriptions to be filled every month it really adds up. And let's not forget about the sales at CVS...if you know how to work the system the savings add up. Last week I managed to get a $10 coupon from them..I used it last night along with others I managed to receive and bought (4) 12 packs of 7-Up (on sale for 4/$12), $20 worth of Revlon products, 2 bottles of nail polish remover ($1.99 each) for $19.35 out of pocket (I used $17 in CVS coupons). What's so great about it is that when it was all said and doneI still walked out of there with a $10 coupon, a $4 coupon and a $2 coupon...that's $16 in coupons (which I like to consider money back in hand) if you think about it...wasn't it like paying $3.35 for that stuff??

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Journey to NOT Being Diabetic II

Just the other day I blogged about Valentine's Day. In that post I mentioned that Husband asked me to buy a new outfit for our date, but what I neglected to mention is that the outfit I bought was ONE SIZE SMALLER than the clothes I've been buying lately. The pants one size smaller and the size smaller!!! I was so stoked I couldn't stand it. Of course there was the part of me that said, "No, are not one size smaller...the clothes are just cut bigger". Well, now I'm not sure that's the case. I went to the doctor yesterday for a follow up. I knew I had been losing weight but I just wasn't sure how much (you can read about it here). Yesterday I found out how much I had lost. I'll admit, I was nervous about getting on the scale at the doctor's office...I mean, what if my 'weight loss' had been in my head? What if the clothes I bought really had been cut 'bigger'?? I'm happy to announce that in roughly 3 months I've lost 9, count 'em N-I-N-E pounds!! Does this mean that I'm ready to sport an itsy bitsy tweeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini to the pool this year? Hell no! But what it does mean is that I'm on my way to a healthier life. I know that a nine pound weight loss is not substantial by any means (I still have roughly 60 pounds to lose) but it's a start. And it's enough of a start that I can buy smaller clothes...and who doesn't love buying smaller clothes??? I'm still taking the blood glucose medication (no big surprize there) and I'll probably be on it for a while, but I lost 9 pounds! I've lost the weight just be changing my eating habits. And I'm not necessarily eating differently than I was before...I'm just not eating as much as I was before. Now that I'm bonafiably losing weight, I'm motivated to start exercising. Maybe an itsy bitsy tweeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini is in my future for next summer...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day...

Okay, there's always a sense of apprehension when I get this phone call from the husband, "Hey, make time this week and go buy yourself something nice...I made plans for us". First of all...uh-oh! Plans that I wasn't involved in making? YIKES! And second...I suck at shopping under pressure. Seriously. It's hard enough to find an outfit that I like when I have a lot of time to shop. Turns out that luck would be on my side. I found an outfit that I loved!

On Saturday Husband said we needed to leave the house around problem! We got in the car and headed toward downtown Indy. Here's the part that meant most to me...he was so nervous about our plans that I thought he was going to have to pull over. See, we don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day. We've been married for 11 years now and somewhere along the way it just fell by the wayside. Needless to say, I was really excited about his plans. He told me that he was really nervous because he didn't want to disappoint me. It's no big secret that we've just been through a really rough patch in our relationship, so for him to make plans for us...well, that's a big deal. AND for him to be nervous about disappointing I was floored. Yeah, I know...sappy. His plans? He bought us tickets to see Crime and Punishment at the IRT. And can I just was FABULOUS. I loved no. I'm not just saying that to make Husband happy. I truly enjoyed the play...and the wonderful dinner he took me out for after the play. It was so wonderful getting to spend time with him without the offspring. Oh! I almost forgot...not only did we go to a play on Valentine's Day...he bought us tickets for THIS weekend as well. We'll be seeing To Kill a Mockingbird at the IRT. It's the second half of my Valentine's Day gift. would be wonderful if he was this sweet all the time! LOL!