Monday, October 6, 2008

Quote of the weekend

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sleep deprived, always on the go mother of three. Husband works nights so for the most part it's just me and the offspring. Weekends are typically filled with whatever sport has a game scheduled and running the offspring to various places and activities. This weekend was a bit different in that Bear's football game was at noon rather than 8:00am. What's the big deal, you ask? Not only do I get to sleep in...HUSBAND finally gets to take Bear to a game! YESYESYES! It's the simple things we cherish. :D After sports, Husband wants to go grocery shopping with me, which leads me to believe that I must have wronged him in another life because it is no treat whatsoever to take Husband to the grocery. I'd rather take all three of my children shopping with me than take Husband. Since Teenager was out doing soccer activities, taking Husband would also mean taking Bear and Princess. In my mind I was thinking "Shoot me. Shoot me now, please for the love of God someone shoot me.", I cannot stand grocery shopping with the entire family. MUCH to my surprise, it went well. Husband and I had our own carts so I was able to scurry off leaving him with the offspring. Anyway, we get home and put the groceries away, then Husband decided to traumatize the children by requiring them to clean their room. Seriously? Do we have to do this now? Can't we just close their door? I guess not because soon after telling Bear and Princess to clean their room they started crying and fighting. Lovely. After about thirty minutes of crying and arguing I hear what has to be the funniest thing to ever come out of Princess' mouth. Above Bear's shouting I hear a sobbing shout, "Bear! I'm just a little girl! You should be nice to me! If you would just be nice to me I would stop crying!!!". There is it ladies and gentlemen! The quote of the weekend!! Bear didn't find it nearly as entertaining as I did because his response was a booming "SHUT UP!!". I peaked my head in to see what exactly was going on...they were both perched on Bear's bed (top bunk), feet dangling. Bear had his hands on his cheeks, elbows on his knees and he was seething...Princess was sitting next to Bear but she had one of her hands on her heaving chest (think Scarlet O'Hara) and the other was wiping away tears. It was such a scene, right out of a soap opera. Maybe I should put Princess in acting classes??

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