Monday, November 3, 2008

The Orchard

I finally found the MIA sync cable...why it was hiding in the coat closet I'll never know. Anyway, On October 26th, I decided that it was a day for family fun. It's not easy to get everyone on the same page, Teenager would rather hand out with GirlFriend than his siblings, Husband is grumpy, I'm tired and the little ones are hell on wheels. Regardless, it was a family day and I didn't care if it got bloody...we were going to have fun. So, we went to the apple orchard. We were sort of disappointed that all the apples were either on the ground or in bins located at the front of the orchard where the store is. And when I say "all the apples", I mean ALL the apples. There was not a single apple to be found on the trees. Rather than head home, the offspring and I jumped in the bed of the truck and Husband drove us around the orchard for about 30 minutes. I know what you're thinking, driving around the orchard doesn't sound like fun. But it was, there are hills, winding roads and a beautiful lake. We had a blast. We took a little break at the lake to enjoy the scenery and stretch our (my) legs. I took advantage of everyone's good mood to snap a couple of pictures...
This first picture might actually make it in to the christmas cards, and for those of you who do not believe me...I have full intentions of actually sending out the cards this year. :D We'll see though. ;)

This is a picture by the lake. In hindsight, I wish I would have taken this picture from the top of one of the hills; you get the idea though.

After all the complaining and the "I don't wanna go" pleas for mercy...we had a wonderful time. It's not often...but it's quality versus quantity.

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