Friday, January 16, 2009

My Journey to NOT Being Diabetic

No, I'm not diabetic...yet. I have a very strong family history of diabetes though. My mother takes a medication twice a day to lower her blood sugar when she eats and my father was insulin dependent. Clearly genetics are not on my side. I had a physical and blood work done about 2 months ago and the results came back that I am insulin resistant. Which means, I'm on the road to diabetes. So, the doctor prescribed a medication (the same one my mother takes) to help lower my blood sugar and hopefully stave off diabetes by jump starting my pancreas. Since that time I have also seen a nutritionist, and who knew that a donut can be better for you than muffin? Go figure. Anyway, I've been making better dietary decisions which has led to what is the beginning of weight loss. I'd like to say that I've been working out every day...but I haven't. I haven't worked out at all other than taking the dog out. Maybe it's all the stairs I've been climbing in the process. Regardless, I've started to lose weight. How much? I don't know. I'm not getting on a scale to find out either. What I do know is this...I've had a shirt that I could BARELY fit into (and when I say "BARELY", I mean I could barely get it over my head, and I surely could not sit comfortably in it) in my closet since the end of the summer. Today, I'm wearing that shirt to work...and I look good in it. My jeans...well, good news there too. I accidentally dried my jeans the other day and as we all know, that's the kiss of death for many of us when it comes to clothing our lower halves. Today, those jeans that I just knew I was going to have to rid of actually FIT! And we're not talking "kind of". We're actually talking about kind of almost too big! I have to keep yanking them up! How cool is that??? It seems strange to say, but I'm excited about the choices I'm making when it comes to eating. No, I'm not surviving on lettuce with a bit of black pepper on it. I'm eating just about everything I want, just not in the same amounts. I know eventually I'm going to have to exercise on a regular basis. It's not an option, and of course it's going to have to happen sooner than later...but for now, I'm content to lose weight by controlling what I eat. I don't know if all my efforts will all be in vain...I may end up a diabetic in the long run, there's no way to tell for sure. But at least I'm giving myself a fighting chance to outrun it for a while.


Ann Marie said...

Are you going to spill your secrets as to how you've changed your eating habits? Cause I just ate a yummy Boston Creme donut and I'd like to know how it was better for me than a muffin?

I'm Just a Girl said...

Hi AM! Thanks for commenting!
Well, to begin with, I've stopped eating portions that were as big as my head. :D I was eating way too much food. Then I quit eating out so much. I just bring in leftovers for lunch now. Now, instead of having 4 pieces of pizza I can barely choke down two! Oh, better snacks too. I switched to Quaker chewy granola bars instead of a candy bar.
I sounds crazy, but it's true. You can have cake, sugar, glazed, and I think frosted donuts and it's better than a muffin. It has to do with calories/fat/sugar. And I've just about stopped drinking soda all together...I refuse to give up my coffee though.