Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day...

Okay, there's always a sense of apprehension when I get this phone call from the husband, "Hey, make time this week and go buy yourself something nice...I made plans for us". First of all...uh-oh! Plans that I wasn't involved in making? YIKES! And second...I suck at shopping under pressure. Seriously. It's hard enough to find an outfit that I like when I have a lot of time to shop. Turns out that luck would be on my side. I found an outfit that I loved!

On Saturday Husband said we needed to leave the house around problem! We got in the car and headed toward downtown Indy. Here's the part that meant most to me...he was so nervous about our plans that I thought he was going to have to pull over. See, we don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day. We've been married for 11 years now and somewhere along the way it just fell by the wayside. Needless to say, I was really excited about his plans. He told me that he was really nervous because he didn't want to disappoint me. It's no big secret that we've just been through a really rough patch in our relationship, so for him to make plans for us...well, that's a big deal. AND for him to be nervous about disappointing I was floored. Yeah, I know...sappy. His plans? He bought us tickets to see Crime and Punishment at the IRT. And can I just was FABULOUS. I loved no. I'm not just saying that to make Husband happy. I truly enjoyed the play...and the wonderful dinner he took me out for after the play. It was so wonderful getting to spend time with him without the offspring. Oh! I almost forgot...not only did we go to a play on Valentine's Day...he bought us tickets for THIS weekend as well. We'll be seeing To Kill a Mockingbird at the IRT. It's the second half of my Valentine's Day gift. would be wonderful if he was this sweet all the time! LOL!

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