Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shot on goal...SCORE!!!!!

Teenager has been playing soccer for what seems like forever...I can't really remember what grade he was in the first time he played. I'm sure that I have the team picture buried in the abyss with all the other pictures we've had taken over the years. This year Teenager is a sophomore in high school. He is on the school's JV team and is the 3rd alternate for the varsity team. Not bad in my opinion. This past Tuesday was their first game of the season. They won 3-0! WooHoo! Teenager's jersey number is 3...that's him in the second picture taking a shot on goal. I was so excited when he called me (I was at football practice with Bear) to tell me that the keeper missed the shot and the ball went in. I couldn't be more proud of him! I will be honest with all of you...I have been utterly exhausted since the boys started this season of football and soccer...we cram 9 days worth of practices and games into 6 days and it's really beginning to take it's toll on me. But, when I see the pictures of the kids accomplishing the goals (no pun intended) they set it makes it all worth it. I'm a lucky mom, indeed.

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Ty'sMommy said...

Yes, you are! And I am a very proud godmother! Good job, kiddo!