Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm not sure if you're able to tell but, I'm really excited! All three of the offspring are finally in school! Yesterday was their first day back and I'm happy to say it was a huge success. Princess started kindergarten this year (that's us at the bus stop!). She was so excited when she saw the bus that she started squealing and jumping up and down. It was really cute. I thought that with Princess being the youngest of the offspring that I would get emotional or teary sending her to kindergarten. To my surprise it didn't happen. She got on the bus and I threw my hands in the air and did the happy dance. I've finally gotten my last baby into school. Just one more school year and she'll be in an all day class. When she got home she told me and Husband all about her big day, I'm pretty sure that her favorite part of the day was finding out that she actually has a locker!

Bear had an unusual day, one would think that with Bear an unusual day is par for started out just fine...then we realized (after he got on the bus) that we couldn't find his medicine bag. For anyone that doesn't know, Bear is asthmatic and has several medications that we keep in a cosmetic bag for easy access. He is always very responsible and knows where it is. Some how yesterday it managed to get lost. While Husband and I were at the school (yes, to take pictures of Princess getting off the bus and finding her way to her room) we asked Bear, who was eating lunch, where it was. He said that he left in the car. Why in the world would it be in the car??? Well, it wasn't. It was absolutely no where to be found. A slight panic set in because he needed the medication for his before bed doses. But, I figured we had time to work on getting replacements. Husband and I left the school only to be called by the nurse. Bear had a migraine. She gave him something that unfortunately didn't work. Before the bus could leave the school in the afternoon Bear threw up all over his seat, and his new school shoes. He was fine after that...maybe a little embarrassed, but fine nonetheless.

Teenager (not pictured in this post) managed to have a pretty good day. He's not very happy about having to be at the bus stop at 6:30 am...but I'm sure he'll get used to it just in time to start summer vacation. :) This year the new high school opened...I'm not sure how excited the students were about it, but I know as a parent I was really excited. Today is picture day for Teenager...I wish I would have been at home when he left for school today...I bet his shaggy hair is going to be in his face. Ugh. Oh well, if his long hair is all I have to worry about with him then it's okay.

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