Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A WoW Widow Once Again

For those of you who are new to the planet and do not know what WoW is, it's an online RPG. No, I don't mean "RPG" as in a Rocket Propelled Grenade, although that is what I'd like to use to destroy the computer. RPG in this case mean Role Playing Game. And "WoW" for those of you who happen to not know, "WoW" is World of Warcraft". I have no idea what the game is about...but I know that Teenager spent the entire summer playing it, as did Husband. About three months ago Husband canceled his subscription to the game and unistalled it from the PC. YES! I had my family back! Much to my dismay, over the weekend Husband started up the subscription and re-installed the game.
So, I'm back to being a WoW Widow. Here is an example of what being a Wow Widow means...
Me, "Dinner's ready!"
Husband, "Okay, be there in a minute"
Twenty minutes later...
Me, "Husband, are you going to eat???"
Husband, "Yeah, sorry I was doing a mission with a group of people"
That's right folks, doing a "mission with a group of people"(all of whom he has never met in person) is more important than eating the meal which his over worked and exhausted wife cooked. Normally one of my favorites responses from him is "I couldn't just leave them!"...uh, yes you could! It's a GAME! These are people he has never met, and most likely never will...yet, they come before dinner. **Sigh** I hate computer/video games.

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