Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't make me pass you...

I understand that the speed limit is 55mph. I understand that not everyone drives as fast as I do. What I don't understand is how someone traveling 45mph on an interstate on ramp thinks they're going to merge safely into traffic that is going at least 65mph (normally the flow of traffic is closer to 70mph). That's how my morning commute started. I was in the turn lane leading to the two lane on ramp to I-70 E. In front of me was a minivan. I hate minivans. Anyway, this on ramp (because it's two lanes) does not immediately merge into traffic. You have about 1/4 of a mile before the right lane merges, then in another 1/4 mile the right lane merges again. So, in about half a mile you are in the flow of traffic. The light turns green and the minivan (did I already express my hatred of minivans???) begins the left turn onto the ramp. I, of course, do the same. The minivan is going between 40 and 45 mph...seriously. How are we going to merge into traffic moving at 65mph if we're going 45mph??? Luckily for me, I still had room to pass, on the right no less. After passing the minivan I look in the rear view mirror to see the minivan, clearly with no idea that there was a semi in the lane that he/she was attempting to merge into, merge with no regard for traffic. The semi swerved to avoid the minivan and cars swerved to avoid being hit by the semi. Seriously, does it make any sense? Accelerate when you're on the on ramp...get close to the speed of traffic. Don't cause near misses on the interstate because you'd like to take you're sweet time and merge without regard for fellow drivers. Better yet, car pool or take public transportation. You should not be allowed on the road Mr. Minivan Driver!

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