Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OSU Football

See the picture? That's the Bear's first OSU football uniform. Okay, so it's just an OSU t-shirt over his shoulder pads. boy is playing his first season of football and much to my disappointment it happens to be tackle. My sickly boy is going to play tackle football. I'm secretly hoping that he'll be the kicker because they don't get hit very much. I'm also hoping that Bear will go to OSU and play football...or maybe he'll just get in because of academics. Back to football. The husband has been walking around with his chest puffed out in the "my boy is playing football just like I did" manner. It's something to see. Luckily (for me) practices will be on the nights that Teenager is playing soccer, so it'll be a little less hectic for me to manage the transportation. Lord knows that it'll be much easier when Teenager gets his license next April..really, it can't happen fast enough for me.

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