Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Teenager Is Away For The Weekend

So, Teenager came to me a couple of weeks ago asking if he could go to Cedar Point this weekend with his friend. I was apprehensive, afterall, it's 6 hours away now (versus the 45 minutes away it used to be) and I had never met the friend he was going with. BUT, I have all the faith and confidence in my son to do the right thing. Anyway, the other day he told me after I agreed to let him go, that his friend's parents were not going to go on the trip but his friend's sister was going to be driving them. I'm sure you can all imagine my immediate response. After a long discussion about it, I decided that I would let him go. The sister is 19 years old, and so were her 3 friends that are also on the trip. I was even more apprehensive about the trip after finding out that it was literally going to be a trip, 6 teenagers, 6 hours on the road, amusement park, two night stay and 6 hours back...and not one parent was going. At the same time I had a really difficult time saying no to Teenager. He is incredibly deserving of the I let him go. I know what you're thinking...but, I met the girls that are going on the trip as well as the friend...all made a very good impression and seem to have their heads screwed on correctly. I told Teenager to have a good time, act responsibly and not to make me regret letting him go on the trip. I resisted the overwhelming urge to text him all day long. I sent him a text just a little while ago because I knew the amusement park would be close to closing. Below is the conversation:
ME: Having fun???
Teenager: Ya. We're leaving Cedar Point right now for today. We had a lot of fun. And I got pooped on by a freaking bird. LOL
ME: LMAO!!! Karma son. Karma What were you doing wrong? LOL
Teenager: Walking under it I guess? LOL!
ME: Nice Grace, really nice. :D I'm so blogging this conversation tomorrow.
Teenager: Nice to know! LOL. We are gonna get up early 2morrow to ride the Maverick.
ME: Cool! Have fun!
Teenager: We'll try! LOL
Teenager is such a great kid. Seriously, he's awesome. I just think it is positively hilarious that he was pooped on by a bird. I'm sure when he gets home tomorrow he'll wake me up and talk my ear off about the weekend. I'm looking forward to it...I'll be tired as hell on monday morning, but I miss Teenager and can't wait to hear all about the weekend.

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